Friday, 8 July 2016

Why I will be voting for Andrea

What a dilemma facing my colleagues - fellow members of the Conservative party.

Two great women to choose from - Labour have a lot to learn from us, whichever we pick.

I think Theresa May is great, I really do. I've met her here in Ipswich several years ago and she is lovely, competent and professional.

I also trust her to deliver Brexit because I believe that she is a eurosceptic but chose loyalty to David Cameron over her true beliefs and this is one of the reasons she was so low key in the campaign.

However, in Andrea there is something that Theresa is lacking - and that is the ability to reach out to beyond the Tory voters and membership - with her warmth and natural confidence.

Many have admired Andrea well before the referendum, and I can see why. I have spent a few days thinking about the dilemma that faces the membership - Theresa May and 'experience' or Andrea - clever, warm and bold. Together they are quite formidable.

But what do people want when they say 'experience'? Experience in what? politics, life, business, being in cabinet?

Let's think about this - what do we want from a leader, someone like David Cameron who exuded confidence and charm, influence and good communication skills? Yes we do - he is a fantastic PM and a great statesman. But now we will have a woman and must make the most of the skills that a female has which can give us even more. So I did a checklist for both women using the skills and 'experience I think a great leader who will be running the country must have. The rest can come from advisers, support, knowledge and being in the job.

                                                                                    Andrea                           Theresa

Natural communicator                                                 9/10                                 7/10
Confidence                                                                   9/10                                 8/10
Boldness                                                                      10/10                                8/10
Warmth                                                                         9/10                                 5/10
Rapport and influence                                                 10/10                                7/10
Honesty                                                                         9/10                                9/10
Positive Attitude                                                           9/10                                 9/10
Inspirational                                                                 10/10                                8/10
Optimism                                                                       9/10                                9/10
Accountability                                                                ?                                     9/10

I believe that Andrea is also an intuitive person that understands the people and how they think, whereas Theresa is aloof and institutionalised which may appear as experience but I believe stifles new thinking. Theresa cannot think on her feet and often repeats herself rather than being creative in her stance and bolder in her statements.

I want a brave new world with a bold PM who will deliver Brexit with optimism and warmth. Both ladies are capable of bringing the party and the country together but the added bonus for my choice is that Boris will work closely with Andrea, and he too appeals to the wider electorate as well as being the person who can advise her, support her and help her deliver a great future.

Let's have a fresh start, a fresh new leader in a fresh new Britain with a woman at the helm who is bold, sticks her neck out when it comes to doing what's right and who will appeal to old and young, rich and poor, north and south, male and female.

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