Friday, 29 July 2016

It's Friday - My little Joke with a serious Intent

Thought I'd come up with a little joke for Friday, based on something I heard at the LGA conference about how we are really divided. It's been such a miserable month - but it does have an overall serious message which I hope you will find it apt summary of the month. 

So, some aliens land on earth, all of them 6 foot 10 of male appearance.

Suddenly the Remainers and the Leavers stop arguing
Football fans forget their differences
Grandparents and teenagers alike join hands
North and south divides disappear
Rich and poor come together
All religions look to each other for help.

One day, the leader of the aliens skypes the UK and says that they lost their way playing Planet Pokemon Go but like it here now, especially our beautiful women, and want to stay,
but the people didn't believe him and were wary, because they'd seen some tweets that told them the aliens were violent.

But a  LibDem women came forward and said - Let's hear what he has to say first - I think they should stay and I have some rooms'

The SNP leader who was looking for some new friends said 'where are you, I'll come and see you, you might be able to help me stay in the EU and in return you can come to Glasgow.'

A confident Tory (known as Conservatives) said 'No they must go back immediately but if you want to start a business in the UK, then speak to Boris.'

A confident Labourite (known once as New Labour) said he agreed with the Tories but wanted to check with the unions first and then perhaps the EU and also before they go would they first 'smash May back from her heels - thankyou'

The very unconfident labourites (known as Corbynistas) pointed aggressively and said 
'NO, you, you, with the fat wallet, 2 tongues and the 20inch willy - leave our women alone and go back to your own planet!'

(if you didn't laugh, then can you ask Boris to help me tweak it, please?)

Well, we are being invaded by aliens - ISIS - these are not human beings amongst us, killing children, women of any religion, but radicalised empty vessels.
Let us unite in a way we never have - coming together for synergy, strength and support,

Have a peaceful weekend - enjoy, don't major on the minor and understand your neighbours. Let's enjoy our freedoms for some have none - and appreciate everything you have.

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