Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Busting the myths

I felt compelled to write this blog post after reading a post in Ipswich Spy.

I have a lot of time for Ipswich Spy as I believe most of the time, they are observant and entertaining.

However some of the writers are too biased and obviously labourites. The recent post assuming that Spy knows how we feel about our group leader, John Carnall was, quite frankly a load of rubbish.

So for the record, John has always shown utmost respect to all the members, women and men. He has always listened to what I have had to say and respected my opinion. His experience is vast and he understands only too well, the politics and antics of the labour group.
His passion and knowledge of IBC finances is second to none and he has clear ideas of what should happen with taxpayers money.

Quite desirable I should think!

So Ipswich Spy, please don't make wide, sweeping accusations or judgments on our members until you get your facts right. Play fair and in return, you will be taken seriously by all parties.

As for St Margarets or any election, we always give support and mentoring to any new member and IBC have a quality training programme for new and existing Councillors. This is borne out by the fact we won an award! I was one of the Councillors, across party that helped to put it together.

Those elected are not left to flounder but perhaps the reality of the hard work, commitment may be too much for some. There can be no true planning for expectations. We can only impart our own knowledge and experience for this rewarding work.

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