Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bannerman's Top Ten EU Myths - Myth 1

Following a really interesting evening with David Bannerman MEP, I thought I would look at the main points within his book and share them with you.

I have long felt that proper debate with all views should be televised. The whole EU monster is complicated and difficult to analyse when details are not at the voters disposal. It has taken me several years to mull over what I learn before concluding that we must leave the EU as soon as a good exit strategy allows.

So it was good to hear points from David that reflected my view and I start such discussions using his neat little booklet:

So Myth 1: we would lose 3 million jobs, if we left

The EU sells much more to us than we sell to them and so the 4 million jobs that the EU would lose by not trading with us (and this would be the worst case scenario) would put us in a good leveraging position on negotiations. The Lisbon Treaty requires EU to have a trade agreement, even if we left, as they do with Norway and Sweden, so this is highly unlikely to happen.

So to conclude on this myth. They need us more than we need them...

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