Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cllr Judy Terry and her take on China and signs on the A14!

The following is the opinion of Cllr Terry and does not necessarily reflect my own. In fact jury is still out for me on China. However I do agree with the last paragraph.

Today I was honoured to meet the Chinese Transport Minister, when he visited Hutchison Ports at Felixstowe, to see the £350m recent investment and learn about the port's huge importance to our local and national economy. I also had the opportunity to talk to Hutchison's senior directors about how the public and private sectors can work more closely together to deliver benefits to Suffolk.
The County Council recently held a seminar to alert local businesses to the tremendous opportunities for exporting services and products to China, as its own economy expands. The Chinese Government has a five year plan to create new cities, with all the infrastructure that will involve, from schools and hospitals, to factories, service industries and leisure. So exciting! But, such expansion demands good fiscal management.
On the way back from Felixstowe in the fog, I was reminded how lax the last Labour government was when it came to fiscal management. The overhead signs all the way along the A14 cost more than £70m of our money; a legacy of former Ipswich MP, Chris Mole, who was a Labour transport minister, these signs are still not connected three years after installation!  
It appears no-one thought to consult with the adjacent landowners to ensure access to the required electricity supply. At this rate, they will be obsolete long before they are working - proving that they weren't needed in the first place.


  1. Nadia, is this your blog or Judy's?

  2. in reply to Ken. My blog is a space for all my colleagues who do not have their own.
    cllr Harsant now has a good blog and so I am able to put a link to that on twitter. So it's not really any different having a link to Judys comments albeit she is using my space in which to voice her opinion. This way people get to know about Ipswich Tories (the reason it was called that in the first place) as well as get to know me.
    Also at the moment I am writing a book so do not have the time to blog.
    Don't worry though Ken, i am just as happy to link to your blog should you so wish!

  3. What I find annoying is that from London, Ipswich isn't sign posted until this side of Chelmsford and from the Midlands Ipswich isn't on any signs until Bury Saint Edmunds.