Wednesday, 16 November 2011

councillor Judy Terry's latest

Today (17th November) at a packed NE Forum meeting, Labour's Cllr. Sandy Martin announced that 'this will probably be the last Forum meeting', much to the surprise of the audience, including 6th form political students from Northgate
Plans to introduce 'area committees' are still in the consultation phase, indeed it was extended because of so many complaints at its inadequacy, and neither Executive nor Council have made any decisions as to the way public engagement can be managed in the future.
Now we know that the new Labour administration in Ipswich have no intention of listening to the people, and any future 'consultation' will also be a total sham.

another one
Although he works at Ipswich School, Labour's Alasdair Ross opposes any sharing of best practice, or even teaching and facilities, with the state school where he is a governor. Why? Perhaps he's ashamed to be a Labour councillor working at a private school, yet it is one of many private and state schools which have excellent outcomes for vulnerable and less talented youngsters.
These schools identify what children are really good at, whether it is art and music, or science, sport or Geography; not all children can be good at everything but, by taking the time to support and encourage them, they can make great progress and achieve whatever their ambitions may be. It is having ambition, and confidence in that ambition, which brings results.
Tony Blair launched his 1997 campaign on 'education, education, education'. He recognised, as do the Conservatives, that a good education is the foundation for anyone's future. It brings pleasure in knowledge, and helps even those with the most modest qualifications to be employed.
Alasdair Ross is up for election in Rushmere next year. We can only hope that he develops a passion for universally good education, and makes an attempt to bring the public and private sectors closer together in the best interests of our children, rather than to think that a good education is somehow 'elitist'.

The above is solely words of cllr Terry and does not necessarily reflect my own opinion.

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